Alejandro Bahamondes

Alejandro Bahamondes is a multidisciplined artist of Chilean descent, working and residing in Spain since 1997. He studied Graphic desing at PUCV, Universidad Catolica in Valparaiso. Alejandro specializing in drawing and realistic painting. Uses diverse techniques that are both traditional and experimental to create his images and concepts. He is a profesional illustrator for the advertising and editorial world. His idea is to be an “all terrain” illustrator for any kind of image, object or theme. He uses all techniques, both traditional and digital, using all tools available.


Drawing and painting

Traditional realism techniques on paper, canvas, or wood, using pencil, charcoal, pastels, oil paint, acrylic, or water color.


Realistic and conceptual illustration on paper or digital.
Comic and Children’s illustration.
Drafts for presentations.

Story board

Vignettes drawn or by photo retouching on Wacom Tablet from script. Even if you send the script by mail.
Animatics with photo touch up or drawings.
Concept board.

Photo Retouching

Combining Photoshop, illustration and 3D, creation of any type of image or matte painting. Layers of animation for motion graphics.


3D and 2D animation, Motion graphics.


Modeling, rendering and 3D Photorealistic, animation. Architectural 3D. Design and Character animation. Design of objects in 3D. VFX.


Graphic design. Corporate Image. Logo design. Stand design and furniture design.
Sculpture and advertising objects.

Character design

Character design for cinema and Television. Movement design. Costume and set design.


Spain - Madrid

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Chile - Santiago

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